MidNite Lefty Swivel Texturizer

Mag Shears

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  • MidNite Lefty Swivel Texturizer
  • MidNite Lefty Swivel Texturizer

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     Utilizing the same demanding design of our Svelte Lefty blender, the MAG MidNite Lefty Swivel texture shear uses 90 degrees for thinning and 45 degrees for texturizing. It is the perfect thinner with 3 grooves in each tooth and removing an average of 35 % when thinning, leaving absolutely no traces in the hair.  This thinner is also perfect for slice cutting down through long hair making it a must have for your arsenal of tools!


  • 440C Japanese Alloy Steel with TiNite Coating
  • Available in 26 and 30 teeth
  • Swivel Thumb Handle
  • Flush Click Tensioner
  • Permanent Finger Rest
  • Screw In Bumper
  • Lifetime Warranty

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